Thursday, 31 December 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

ok so i am thinking, i want to challenge myself this year...

so i have decided that i am going to paint up some units to enter Golden Demon...

i know that i wont win anything... but i think it will be fun, so without further-ado, i present to you my plans for Golden Demon

Single Model:

- I am planning to enter a Blood Pact officer of some kind... maybe Damoguar Eyl from the new Blood Pact book, something that will be fun but will be ultimately simple to make


- i have two entries i shall work upon for this, both of which i have wanted to make for a while, the first:

A squad of Blood Pact Rough Riders, i'm thinking these will be on horse-back with shit loads of luggage, trophies, etc, etc

An Inquisitors Retinue, using one of the Gangs from Necromunda... we play quite a bit of Necro at the local club, and i like how i will be able to use the flexibility to create my retinue, not sure if this shall be Ravenor's or my own Inquisitor, however they shall defiantely be inspired by the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies


i am planning on entering an N20 Halftrack, inspired by Dave Taylor's trucks and N20, however i will obviously be putting my own twist on his inspiring design


very tempted to enter these two categories, using possibly Blood Pact and Tanith fighting each other, however this is very much undecided as of yet

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

well its about time...

...I bloody updated this thing, uni life has kept me from doing any serious painting/modelling so there has been no real point in updating my blog,

i have finally got enough that i think is post worthy :) and its all BLOOD PACT#!

first up i have painted the first Stalk Tank, i envision the stalk tanks as the equivalent of sentinels especially with the new codex (Armoured Sentinels, Plasma Cannons, thank you GW). this is the cheapest model in the army, made mainly of plasticard and a few bits, and now the basic design is sorted, god help anyone who comes up against my army of Stalk Tanks (seriously considering about 30 minimum!)

note the battle damage on the leg, a fair few of my friends (those who aren't into the hobby have been like what the fuck is that, its seriously creepy so i think i got the unsettling nature of the stalk tank spot on :))

and one with some Infantry Support:

n I have been painting a few men, to ever expand the Pact, for both Heavy Weapons teams, (well i have one list i'm working on that has four heavy weapon squads with Rocket Launchers!) and normal infantry squads, however this is all work in progress many need touching up and finishing off, for example, i need to base EVERYTHING, and paint the loaders for the first heavy weapon team... so i have much to do, the following photos are of the rocket teams, and i'm too lazy to space stuff out, but each man has something different about him, one has tribal markings on his body armour, another has tattoos and the third has kill markings on the side of the Launcher

for the rocket launchers themselves i have just cut of the front plate to make them look a little more run down, i think this cause they look different to the imperial ones, let me know what you think, i am also intending to make some teams with RPGs instead of Tube Launchers, for something a bit different and to emphasise the scavenger nature of the pact, not this will be the same with the lasguns, flamers etc which i will have different types (yeah that means forgeworld!)

anyway i hope you guys have enjoyed this, next time i'll try to update a bit earlier, if not see you in another year!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Competitions, Blood Pact, Stalk Tanks, Army Lists...

christ i have been busy...

yeah so, i had a competition this weekend, there were 18 teams and we came 8th, it was a 1000 pt doubles competition, and we took orks, with 2 wins, 2 losses and a rather unlucky draw
we have in one list:

Wazdakka and 2 Squads of 5 Bikers, each had a power Claw

in the other,

2 Squads of 12 Boyz with Big Shootas and Big Choppas
9 Tank Bustas with a Power Claw

Both Squads of Boyz were in Trucks with Grot Riggers and Stikk Bomb Chuckas and the Tank Bustas were in a Looted Wagon with 2 Rokkits, Grot Riggers and Stikk Bomb Chucka
this is the Wazdakka conversion, which my game partner did:

so yeah, we had some terrible luck, the highlight of this was 2 squads of Warbikers, Wazdakka and the Tank Bustas failing to destroy a Land Raider (why do you need 6's to hit a vehicle so big eh? Damn 12 inch movement) they then managed to force a draw with us, but it was a really good game, we however did have some better luck, crushing an eldar army beneath our steel clad bootz, we had a good time slightly disappointed with our position, but i am planning to enter the next tournament, which is on the 20th of December, and i am going to be taking Blood Pact :D :D :D

i'm playing around with some lists at the moment, one has an armour contingent including 2 banewolfs, 2 medusas (AT-70 Reavers) and a Leman Russ (AT-83 Brigand), the other, which i wanna do because of the challenge is based upon Vesh Etoguar's contingent, the army in the following passage:
This recognition was aptly demonstrated at the battle of the Akkorite Peninsula on Belshiir Binary in 771. A vital and much-contested world due to its promethium wells, refineries and processing depots clustered, Belshiir Binary was the site of a notable Blood Pact victory. A force of two hundred Blood Pact troopers, supported by just four stalk-tanks and two Loxatl brood groups, cut off and annihilated a force of three thousand Imperial Guardsmen. The outnumbered Blood Pact force was commanded by an officer called Vesh Etogaur (the second word possibly indicative of rank, as in 'demi-gaur' or colonel) whose strict command led to the Pact force lying in baking heat for three days without breaking cover until the Imperial forces had moved into the cone of their ambush. The resulting combat lasted twenty two minutes. No members of the Guard unit survived the slaughter, and the Akkorite Peninsula refinery remained under Chaotic control for a further fifteen months.

yeah i cant fit in the Loxatl in the 1500 pts, but everything else is pretty much there

so anyway now i have rambled on and on, i'll show you some photos:
First up is some pictures of the Salk-Tank conversion i have made, i wanted the Stalk Tank to be cheap to make, and so a bit of plasticard and some glued fingers later, this is what i came up with, the big shoota on the side shall be replaced with some kind of weapon on top, it is going to have a multi-laser in the lists (but i will have some with other weapons, such as Plasma Cannons, His Last Command springs to mind)

i have a fair amout of work to do, the legs for example, i have 3 in the list, possible 4, i want to have one with a corpse hanging on chains on the front, where the Khorne symbol on this one. another with a poor guardsman crushed/impaled by one of the legs and the last im not sure about
i also need to add some kind of vox relay system to each of the stalk tanks, not sure where however to put this as the sides are resticted due to the legs...

onto some infantry, the first of 200 ;) just a basic squad with a Vox Caster and a Flamer:

note the skull on the top of his Vox Caster Pole, i thought it was a fitting addition, the trooper below has a stikk grenade, not sure where i bought them from, and an autogun, made for a bolter mussle and magazine, the head is from Max Mini and the Khorne Symbols from Forge World, i need to buy more of each though, i am green stuffing some grotesks too though

lastly a picture of the squad and the stalk tank together, i'm pleased with the progress that i have made but its going to be a long road to completion...

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Seventh Son is going Green!

yeah thats right an update, with photos!

these guys are for an Doubles Tournament that i am entering in August, i have a fair amount of Boyz to be paint up but it should be quite a nasty army list when it's all painted up, i wont tell you the list yet, cause knowing my luck someone will be going to the tournament who will read this and that will give the game away...

They are a unit of Ork Boyz with a Big Shoota and Nob with Big Choppa, not bad for under 90 points,

these three are my favourite out of the Mob, i'm really pleased with how the hair on the guy with the shoota and the cloth on the gun barrel turned out

A couple of photos of the Big Shoota and the guy with the hair, what do you think? These guys shall be on a desert theme as can be seen on the Ork Nob which should look quite simple but effective

now dont worry people (i'm looking at you Rabidchild) i am working on my Pact, but due to this tournament, they will be on a back foot for a while, my night lords likewise, although i gave into temptation and built my Pre-Heresy Land Raider

i will post photos soon, once i have finished the last bits of the Raider, have some small conversion work to do on it...

and i'll post some photos of the pact

Sunday, 28 June 2009

a few things...

no photos though, i apologise just a quick update

i've been quite busy recently, the AT-83 has hit a bit of a road bump, not sure if im going to carry on as i was or start again, need to have a bit of a think, but on to other news...

i have been painting away, soon i shall show you some of my blood pact i have been working on, just need to do a bit of touching up in places, thanks must go to rabidchild from Pick a Damn Army, those fallen legionnaire heads are really sweet, i will be sculpting more of my own though

also on the agenda are the Ork Boyz i have been painting up, i'm working on an army list at the moment, which is quite a nasty force. so far i have 10 Orks painted out of the 60 basic that i need

onto the Night Lords, i have started working on a new slaneesh character for my Chaos, he is going to be called the vengeful, but havent thought up his name yet, any suggestions then let me know, he is going to be used in a 1500pt tournament that i am running Ready to Run Models over the summer, this should be quite a fun little tournament with some quite high stakes so should be interesting. also on the Night Lords front, i bought a Pre-Heresy Land Raider, the first of several from Forge World, however they didnt send me all the bloody sprues so i have to wait to build my baby, i shall however keep you reguarly updated on this, i promise

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

a severe lack of activity...

hi all,

sorry for the lack of activity, i assure you that it isn't in vain,

i have been contemplating and plotting the next move for my Blood Pact, i have finally decided on what to work on next...

over the next few weeks i am going to working on an AT-83 Brigand, using this, as a basis:

Yeah, the Ork Battle Wagon, but there will no green-skins on this vehicle, just dirty traitor guard, and quite a few of them :-) hopefully it will go well, seeing Dave Taylor's blog has really inspired me to continue my pact and build them up into a vast vast army,

i want to have a large mechanised force, based around a company (maybe two) of AT-70 Reaver Battle Tanks, with supporting units of AT-83 Brigands, N20 Halftracks and maybe a platoon or two of mechanised Guard, this will of course be supported by a few captured imperial vehicles

anyway, once again i am rambling on far too much, i'll piss off now :)

feel free to add suggestions, not sure to use as the turret/main weapon as of yet, but i have a few ideas i can try...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bat Country...

Ok Guys, i said i would post up some pictures soon and so here we are...

Nasheel the Unforgiving, once one of the most trusted of the Night Haunter's lieutenant has gained his name from his reputation for being ruthless beyond comparison, brutally torturing prisoners, it is not unknown for Nasheel to order that Astartes from his most loathed chapters The Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Imperial Fists be kept alive to further intimidate his foes.

Nasheel has carved out a bloody empire in the Maelstrom and with over two Chapter's worth of Night Lords he is more than in a position to maintain this. Despite his ruthless nature, Nasheel has been known to incorporate traitors from the Astartes chapters, deeming them worthy because 'they have seen the lies of the False Emperor for what they are worth'

Nasheel the Unforgiving rules with an iron fist, his will acted upon by his most trusted commanders, who are unswervingly loyal to Nasheel. Though the Night Lords are famous for using Chaos as a weapon Nasheel encourages the elites of the army to worship the particular god that they feel aligned too, while the Legion as a whole remain loyal to their overal morales of using Chaos as a weapon.

First up is Rendir the Callous, one of Nasheel's most trusted commanders, a servant of Khorne, he is equipped with Lightening Claws and Terminator Armour and is famed for leading a large cohort of Terminators into battle from either his personal Land Raider, Aeterus Mortis or by Teleport Assault:

Ok, so thats Rendir, next up is the first Champion i ever created, and i warn you, this was back when he was able to have a Dark Blade, i've updated him since then, but its a shame that they got rid of the old rules, he was a beast with 6 strength 8 attacks on the charge... oh i miss those days... anyway this is Korass the Merciless devoted to Slaanesh and armed with a Blissgiver

Ok, also under Nasheel's wing is Anzael the Hated, and Rakdos the Furious who i don't have photos of, Anzael is the Raptor Champion with Lightening Claws which i showed previously, but i have done some further work on him, and Rakdos is a Khorne Lord with a Bloodfeeder who i forgot to take photos of... whoops each Commander will be eventually accompanied by his own personal retinue of chosen, except Anzael cause chosen cant have demonic flight anymore (another bad thing about the new codex IMO) although in all fairness these will probably only ever be used in Apocaylpse but it would have been nice for Anzael to have some chosen buddies...

Predators, I love my Predators, i want to have about a dozen when i'm done, but i'll settle for two for now, i make these conversions out of the top-plate from the Sisters of Battle Immolater,, which is great cause i get a free Rhino, i have the top plate for the third one but due to lack of funds haven't got the predator yet... they are my main anti-armour so i'm thinking i will equip about 75% with Lascannons, after all CSM are hard enough to take on any basic troop:

Ok do not worry cause i am almost done, but first i want to show you one of my Rhino's as my Night Lords are completely (where possible) mounted in Rhino Transports:

The answer to the question you are asking is yes, yes that is a Blood Angel strapped to the front of a Night Lords Rhino, it was a pain to do but, one of my best mates collects Blood Angels and the reaction was more than worth it.
anyway i fear i have rambled on far far too much, so i shall stop now, just after a few more images to wet your appetite:

ooh, that last guy looks like he is seriously pissed off...

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bad times...

ok well, on Monday night i managed to dislocate my knee again (4th time, you woulda thought i had learnt by now...) anyway i am hoping that this shall lead to me painting up some more models, i have a few to show at the moment...

hopefully i'll get photos this weekend, and be putting them up sometime soon...

there are Pacters on the way i promise...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Some old, rather poor photos...

Okay, i know that these are not great, but i thought that i would put them up anyway so that people can have a nosey :)

the first picture is of Anzael The Hated, a Night Lords Raptor Lord with Lightening Claws and the Mark of Slaanesh...

its an old photo which i did i a rush but i will eventually get round to re-posting him properly

Next up is the a group shot taken of my Blood Pact, featuring just some random pacters and an AT-70 Reaver named Mandatory Suicide (Thank you Slayer)

For my AT-70 Reavers I use the standard Basalisk Rules with the Armoured Crew Compartment and Track Guard upgrades...
this is part of the Slayer company which i am slowly building up, but due to lack of funds it is gonna take a while...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

1st Post

okay so this is my first post, so i want to lay down what i am going to do here...

this is mainly a post for my warhammer, however knowing me, i shall probably go into other areas of my life...

okay so first things first... my projects that i am working on:

1. Night Lords
2. Blood Pact

These are my main two projects, i'm also gonna be doing orks when i can be arsed and other stuff, i am not 100% GW Loyal so i will sometimes diverge to other model companys

i am also going to be making a Inquistor retinue for Necromunda as a little side project... this is going to be the Retinue of Iquisitor Gideon Ravenor because i am a big big big fan of Dan Abnett... I shall have the whole gang (hopefully) even if some of them are dead when others are around...

i need to buy a decent camera at some point

anyway i have rambled enough

i shall soon post pictures of my first couple of models i have painted up...
i am currently working on both Zeph Mathuin and Angharad

i am going to have the whole lot
Zael, Frauka, Plyton, Ballack, Thonuis, Nayl, Swole, Patience and Ravenor himself
so keep watching