Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Competitions, Blood Pact, Stalk Tanks, Army Lists...

christ i have been busy...

yeah so, i had a competition this weekend, there were 18 teams and we came 8th, it was a 1000 pt doubles competition, and we took orks, with 2 wins, 2 losses and a rather unlucky draw
we have in one list:

Wazdakka and 2 Squads of 5 Bikers, each had a power Claw

in the other,

2 Squads of 12 Boyz with Big Shootas and Big Choppas
9 Tank Bustas with a Power Claw

Both Squads of Boyz were in Trucks with Grot Riggers and Stikk Bomb Chuckas and the Tank Bustas were in a Looted Wagon with 2 Rokkits, Grot Riggers and Stikk Bomb Chucka
this is the Wazdakka conversion, which my game partner did:

so yeah, we had some terrible luck, the highlight of this was 2 squads of Warbikers, Wazdakka and the Tank Bustas failing to destroy a Land Raider (why do you need 6's to hit a vehicle so big eh? Damn 12 inch movement) they then managed to force a draw with us, but it was a really good game, we however did have some better luck, crushing an eldar army beneath our steel clad bootz, we had a good time slightly disappointed with our position, but i am planning to enter the next tournament, which is on the 20th of December, and i am going to be taking Blood Pact :D :D :D

i'm playing around with some lists at the moment, one has an armour contingent including 2 banewolfs, 2 medusas (AT-70 Reavers) and a Leman Russ (AT-83 Brigand), the other, which i wanna do because of the challenge is based upon Vesh Etoguar's contingent, the army in the following passage:
This recognition was aptly demonstrated at the battle of the Akkorite Peninsula on Belshiir Binary in 771. A vital and much-contested world due to its promethium wells, refineries and processing depots clustered, Belshiir Binary was the site of a notable Blood Pact victory. A force of two hundred Blood Pact troopers, supported by just four stalk-tanks and two Loxatl brood groups, cut off and annihilated a force of three thousand Imperial Guardsmen. The outnumbered Blood Pact force was commanded by an officer called Vesh Etogaur (the second word possibly indicative of rank, as in 'demi-gaur' or colonel) whose strict command led to the Pact force lying in baking heat for three days without breaking cover until the Imperial forces had moved into the cone of their ambush. The resulting combat lasted twenty two minutes. No members of the Guard unit survived the slaughter, and the Akkorite Peninsula refinery remained under Chaotic control for a further fifteen months.

yeah i cant fit in the Loxatl in the 1500 pts, but everything else is pretty much there

so anyway now i have rambled on and on, i'll show you some photos:
First up is some pictures of the Salk-Tank conversion i have made, i wanted the Stalk Tank to be cheap to make, and so a bit of plasticard and some glued fingers later, this is what i came up with, the big shoota on the side shall be replaced with some kind of weapon on top, it is going to have a multi-laser in the lists (but i will have some with other weapons, such as Plasma Cannons, His Last Command springs to mind)

i have a fair amout of work to do, the legs for example, i have 3 in the list, possible 4, i want to have one with a corpse hanging on chains on the front, where the Khorne symbol on this one. another with a poor guardsman crushed/impaled by one of the legs and the last im not sure about
i also need to add some kind of vox relay system to each of the stalk tanks, not sure where however to put this as the sides are resticted due to the legs...

onto some infantry, the first of 200 ;) just a basic squad with a Vox Caster and a Flamer:

note the skull on the top of his Vox Caster Pole, i thought it was a fitting addition, the trooper below has a stikk grenade, not sure where i bought them from, and an autogun, made for a bolter mussle and magazine, the head is from Max Mini and the Khorne Symbols from Forge World, i need to buy more of each though, i am green stuffing some grotesks too though

lastly a picture of the squad and the stalk tank together, i'm pleased with the progress that i have made but its going to be a long road to completion...