Wednesday, 15 April 2009

a severe lack of activity...

hi all,

sorry for the lack of activity, i assure you that it isn't in vain,

i have been contemplating and plotting the next move for my Blood Pact, i have finally decided on what to work on next...

over the next few weeks i am going to working on an AT-83 Brigand, using this, as a basis:

Yeah, the Ork Battle Wagon, but there will no green-skins on this vehicle, just dirty traitor guard, and quite a few of them :-) hopefully it will go well, seeing Dave Taylor's blog has really inspired me to continue my pact and build them up into a vast vast army,

i want to have a large mechanised force, based around a company (maybe two) of AT-70 Reaver Battle Tanks, with supporting units of AT-83 Brigands, N20 Halftracks and maybe a platoon or two of mechanised Guard, this will of course be supported by a few captured imperial vehicles

anyway, once again i am rambling on far too much, i'll piss off now :)

feel free to add suggestions, not sure to use as the turret/main weapon as of yet, but i have a few ideas i can try...


  1. Im in a similar position to you in fact, i've been so busy i've done nothing for my own armies for weeks. I'm also really inspired by dave's blood pact, he really does nice work aye. I'm going to take a different route and do dark skitarii based on his blood pact.

    I don't remember there being much info on what the urdeshi armoured units looked like, the at-70 etc. Is there any reference you are going from? I'm inclined to mix 40k and 1:35 german parts together to get the gritty look of the blood pact.

    Good luck, what you've done so far is really cool.

  2. A battlewagon brigand, now that will be impressive! I'm looking forward to seeing this one come together. It's interesting the different takes each of us Blood Pact demigaurs have on the vehicles.

    @Earl: The AT70 was described pretty vaguely, it had a turret, tracks, a 105mm main gun that was longer and thinner than a Leman Russ'. One AT70 had a hull lascannon and one had a pintle twin linked bolter. I think Abnett mentioned what kind of suspension they had, but it escapes me. They seemed to have less armor than a Russ from the number that were destroyed.

    The AT83 is described as the Urdeshi forge's equivalent of a Russ but could not match its pedigree. One or two AT83 are described with a combat 'dozer blade.

    I'm working on compiling a list of descriptions for all of us. Check for future blog updates. :)

  3. thanks Earl appreiciate the support, comments like yours make it worth it trust me, Dave's is awesome... i am quite ambitious

    @ Rabidchild thank you i have started on it, but there wont be any photos anytime soon cause its at home and im at uni, oops

    this however may not be a bad thing as it gives me time to collect my thoughts and think how to build the blasted turret, as im really not sure, i want it to look different to guard turrets but fit with the battlewagon

    as for the AT-70 i didnt think they had a turret, i use the Ork Gunwagon from Forge World for the basis of my conversion which is very expensive but i think it looks alright and fits with the the feel, i may end up changing that though as i do remember them having a Lascannon, however i use the Basalisk rules for mine and so i cant have a Lascannon on an AT-70

    i think they have the same armour as the Russ just they arn't built with the same quality which leads to many getting destroyed easier than the Russ

    i also want to build a couple of Stumble Guns, cause they are awesome, but what they hell am i gonna build a Stumble Gun out off, and the rules? i will have to make my own

    if you havn't seen this guys blog you should check it out

    and this is well worth a look too