Sunday, 28 June 2009

a few things...

no photos though, i apologise just a quick update

i've been quite busy recently, the AT-83 has hit a bit of a road bump, not sure if im going to carry on as i was or start again, need to have a bit of a think, but on to other news...

i have been painting away, soon i shall show you some of my blood pact i have been working on, just need to do a bit of touching up in places, thanks must go to rabidchild from Pick a Damn Army, those fallen legionnaire heads are really sweet, i will be sculpting more of my own though

also on the agenda are the Ork Boyz i have been painting up, i'm working on an army list at the moment, which is quite a nasty force. so far i have 10 Orks painted out of the 60 basic that i need

onto the Night Lords, i have started working on a new slaneesh character for my Chaos, he is going to be called the vengeful, but havent thought up his name yet, any suggestions then let me know, he is going to be used in a 1500pt tournament that i am running Ready to Run Models over the summer, this should be quite a fun little tournament with some quite high stakes so should be interesting. also on the Night Lords front, i bought a Pre-Heresy Land Raider, the first of several from Forge World, however they didnt send me all the bloody sprues so i have to wait to build my baby, i shall however keep you reguarly updated on this, i promise

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  1. Glad those heads worked out for you. It's really that deserves the credit. Can't wait for some pictures of your Pact!