Tuesday, 24 November 2009

well its about time...

...I bloody updated this thing, uni life has kept me from doing any serious painting/modelling so there has been no real point in updating my blog,

i have finally got enough that i think is post worthy :) and its all BLOOD PACT#!

first up i have painted the first Stalk Tank, i envision the stalk tanks as the equivalent of sentinels especially with the new codex (Armoured Sentinels, Plasma Cannons, thank you GW). this is the cheapest model in the army, made mainly of plasticard and a few bits, and now the basic design is sorted, god help anyone who comes up against my army of Stalk Tanks (seriously considering about 30 minimum!)

note the battle damage on the leg, a fair few of my friends (those who aren't into the hobby have been like what the fuck is that, its seriously creepy so i think i got the unsettling nature of the stalk tank spot on :))

and one with some Infantry Support:

n I have been painting a few men, to ever expand the Pact, for both Heavy Weapons teams, (well i have one list i'm working on that has four heavy weapon squads with Rocket Launchers!) and normal infantry squads, however this is all work in progress many need touching up and finishing off, for example, i need to base EVERYTHING, and paint the loaders for the first heavy weapon team... so i have much to do, the following photos are of the rocket teams, and i'm too lazy to space stuff out, but each man has something different about him, one has tribal markings on his body armour, another has tattoos and the third has kill markings on the side of the Launcher

for the rocket launchers themselves i have just cut of the front plate to make them look a little more run down, i think this cause they look different to the imperial ones, let me know what you think, i am also intending to make some teams with RPGs instead of Tube Launchers, for something a bit different and to emphasise the scavenger nature of the pact, not this will be the same with the lasguns, flamers etc which i will have different types (yeah that means forgeworld!)

anyway i hope you guys have enjoyed this, next time i'll try to update a bit earlier, if not see you in another year!