Wednesday, 15 April 2009

a severe lack of activity...

hi all,

sorry for the lack of activity, i assure you that it isn't in vain,

i have been contemplating and plotting the next move for my Blood Pact, i have finally decided on what to work on next...

over the next few weeks i am going to working on an AT-83 Brigand, using this, as a basis:

Yeah, the Ork Battle Wagon, but there will no green-skins on this vehicle, just dirty traitor guard, and quite a few of them :-) hopefully it will go well, seeing Dave Taylor's blog has really inspired me to continue my pact and build them up into a vast vast army,

i want to have a large mechanised force, based around a company (maybe two) of AT-70 Reaver Battle Tanks, with supporting units of AT-83 Brigands, N20 Halftracks and maybe a platoon or two of mechanised Guard, this will of course be supported by a few captured imperial vehicles

anyway, once again i am rambling on far too much, i'll piss off now :)

feel free to add suggestions, not sure to use as the turret/main weapon as of yet, but i have a few ideas i can try...