Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bat Country...

Ok Guys, i said i would post up some pictures soon and so here we are...

Nasheel the Unforgiving, once one of the most trusted of the Night Haunter's lieutenant has gained his name from his reputation for being ruthless beyond comparison, brutally torturing prisoners, it is not unknown for Nasheel to order that Astartes from his most loathed chapters The Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Imperial Fists be kept alive to further intimidate his foes.

Nasheel has carved out a bloody empire in the Maelstrom and with over two Chapter's worth of Night Lords he is more than in a position to maintain this. Despite his ruthless nature, Nasheel has been known to incorporate traitors from the Astartes chapters, deeming them worthy because 'they have seen the lies of the False Emperor for what they are worth'

Nasheel the Unforgiving rules with an iron fist, his will acted upon by his most trusted commanders, who are unswervingly loyal to Nasheel. Though the Night Lords are famous for using Chaos as a weapon Nasheel encourages the elites of the army to worship the particular god that they feel aligned too, while the Legion as a whole remain loyal to their overal morales of using Chaos as a weapon.

First up is Rendir the Callous, one of Nasheel's most trusted commanders, a servant of Khorne, he is equipped with Lightening Claws and Terminator Armour and is famed for leading a large cohort of Terminators into battle from either his personal Land Raider, Aeterus Mortis or by Teleport Assault:

Ok, so thats Rendir, next up is the first Champion i ever created, and i warn you, this was back when he was able to have a Dark Blade, i've updated him since then, but its a shame that they got rid of the old rules, he was a beast with 6 strength 8 attacks on the charge... oh i miss those days... anyway this is Korass the Merciless devoted to Slaanesh and armed with a Blissgiver

Ok, also under Nasheel's wing is Anzael the Hated, and Rakdos the Furious who i don't have photos of, Anzael is the Raptor Champion with Lightening Claws which i showed previously, but i have done some further work on him, and Rakdos is a Khorne Lord with a Bloodfeeder who i forgot to take photos of... whoops each Commander will be eventually accompanied by his own personal retinue of chosen, except Anzael cause chosen cant have demonic flight anymore (another bad thing about the new codex IMO) although in all fairness these will probably only ever be used in Apocaylpse but it would have been nice for Anzael to have some chosen buddies...

Predators, I love my Predators, i want to have about a dozen when i'm done, but i'll settle for two for now, i make these conversions out of the top-plate from the Sisters of Battle Immolater,, which is great cause i get a free Rhino, i have the top plate for the third one but due to lack of funds haven't got the predator yet... they are my main anti-armour so i'm thinking i will equip about 75% with Lascannons, after all CSM are hard enough to take on any basic troop:

Ok do not worry cause i am almost done, but first i want to show you one of my Rhino's as my Night Lords are completely (where possible) mounted in Rhino Transports:

The answer to the question you are asking is yes, yes that is a Blood Angel strapped to the front of a Night Lords Rhino, it was a pain to do but, one of my best mates collects Blood Angels and the reaction was more than worth it.
anyway i fear i have rambled on far far too much, so i shall stop now, just after a few more images to wet your appetite:

ooh, that last guy looks like he is seriously pissed off...


  1. Funny enough, I also collect Night Lords and Blood Pact. I like the solid color choices on Rendir, he "pops" nicely. I'm loving the pose on Korass. Using the Sisters Immolator to get the extra parts is brilliant, I may have to do the same...

  2. cheers Rabid Child, i think the Predators look just a little more menacing, have more stuff to show soon but due to the lack of a decent camera cant put anything up

    do you have a blog?