Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Some old, rather poor photos...

Okay, i know that these are not great, but i thought that i would put them up anyway so that people can have a nosey :)

the first picture is of Anzael The Hated, a Night Lords Raptor Lord with Lightening Claws and the Mark of Slaanesh...

its an old photo which i did i a rush but i will eventually get round to re-posting him properly

Next up is the a group shot taken of my Blood Pact, featuring just some random pacters and an AT-70 Reaver named Mandatory Suicide (Thank you Slayer)

For my AT-70 Reavers I use the standard Basalisk Rules with the Armoured Crew Compartment and Track Guard upgrades...
this is part of the Slayer company which i am slowly building up, but due to lack of funds it is gonna take a while...


  1. Hey there

    Looking good! What did you make the AT-70 from?


  2. Hey Dave, the AT-70 is made from the Ork Gun Wagon from Forge World, the Gun is from the Basilisk but i may change that if i find a suitable alternative...

  3. If you ever find the time to post more pictures of that AT-70, I'm sure my Pacters would be grateful. :)