Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Seventh Son is going Green!

yeah thats right an update, with photos!

these guys are for an Doubles Tournament that i am entering in August, i have a fair amount of Boyz to be paint up but it should be quite a nasty army list when it's all painted up, i wont tell you the list yet, cause knowing my luck someone will be going to the tournament who will read this and that will give the game away...

They are a unit of Ork Boyz with a Big Shoota and Nob with Big Choppa, not bad for under 90 points,

these three are my favourite out of the Mob, i'm really pleased with how the hair on the guy with the shoota and the cloth on the gun barrel turned out

A couple of photos of the Big Shoota and the guy with the hair, what do you think? These guys shall be on a desert theme as can be seen on the Ork Nob which should look quite simple but effective

now dont worry people (i'm looking at you Rabidchild) i am working on my Pact, but due to this tournament, they will be on a back foot for a while, my night lords likewise, although i gave into temptation and built my Pre-Heresy Land Raider

i will post photos soon, once i have finished the last bits of the Raider, have some small conversion work to do on it...

and i'll post some photos of the pact

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  1. Ha! We Etogaur have to keep an eye on each other, it's a hate-dog eat hate-dog world in the service of the Blood Pact. :)

    Nice orks, you're rightfully proud of those three. The pictures are small, but their colors and contrast stand out even at that size.