Thursday, 31 December 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

ok so i am thinking, i want to challenge myself this year...

so i have decided that i am going to paint up some units to enter Golden Demon...

i know that i wont win anything... but i think it will be fun, so without further-ado, i present to you my plans for Golden Demon

Single Model:

- I am planning to enter a Blood Pact officer of some kind... maybe Damoguar Eyl from the new Blood Pact book, something that will be fun but will be ultimately simple to make


- i have two entries i shall work upon for this, both of which i have wanted to make for a while, the first:

A squad of Blood Pact Rough Riders, i'm thinking these will be on horse-back with shit loads of luggage, trophies, etc, etc

An Inquisitors Retinue, using one of the Gangs from Necromunda... we play quite a bit of Necro at the local club, and i like how i will be able to use the flexibility to create my retinue, not sure if this shall be Ravenor's or my own Inquisitor, however they shall defiantely be inspired by the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies


i am planning on entering an N20 Halftrack, inspired by Dave Taylor's trucks and N20, however i will obviously be putting my own twist on his inspiring design


very tempted to enter these two categories, using possibly Blood Pact and Tanith fighting each other, however this is very much undecided as of yet