Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Spanner in the Works

Hi all, long time no see...

apologies for not updating since... March? much failure on my part i believe, and apologies again for this post shall not include any pictures, however i am here to discuss with you my plans for the 40,000 Grand Tournament in Nottingham that my friends and i shall hopefully be attending this year.

Now i would love to take a Night Lords Army to the Tournament, but seen as codex creep has made standard CSM armies pretty much uncompetitive, i have had to scrap that idea, i would also love to take a Raptor or Biker full Night Lords army using either the Blood Angel or Space Marine Codex, however i think that the Raptors are an Eye-sore and cant have Night Lord Iconography and the Biker Army will just be too dear in such a short space of time, without further ado, i present to you my 1500 pt Chaos Space Marine Army which i plan to destroy Throne of Skulls with...

Kharn the Betrayer

Khorne Lord with Twin Lightening Claws

Plague Marine Squad (7) with 2 Plasma Guns

3x Khorne Berzerker Squads (8) with Skull Champions with Power Swords and Rhinos

2X Obliterator Squads (2)

a pretty simple list to use i feel, the Plague Marines and Obliterators (who shall be Nurglized) form and fire base and destroy heavy armour and things the Berzerker Horde would struggle to neutralise. The Plague Marines also capture an objective in/close too my deployment zone and then sit there and shrug off anything thrown at them (hopefully) while the Berzerker horde takes the fight to the enemy!

what do you guys reckon? any suggestions? hopefully will be posting in a week/maybe two but i plan to be able to use these units in pure Nurgle and Khorne forces eventually