Friday, 5 March 2010

In the Sands.. the Blood Pact are assembling... for war!

ok some work in progress, basically at Ready to Run Models, there is a 1500 pt tournament being run... we're pretty lax and so painting isnt an issue (thank god cause theres so much to do)

but i am finally entering my Blood Pact into a tournament...

contrary to popular belief... Al'Rahem actually looks like this...

pretty simple conversion but hey hopefully he'll look good painted up

Loxatl Conversion... this is a WIP, but you get the general idea, no having them in my army just yet though, cause they are Ogryns, and sooo damn expensive!

Stalk Tank, Again, Still Very WIP needs exhausts and 5 more legs... hopefully will turn out good, this is my third generation stalk tank, gonna vary them up, Different Hulls Shapes, Exhaust styles stuff like that, gonna do some heavy stalk tanks with Plasma Cannons...

they are gonna represent Sentienls as this is the best cross i can come up with...
Lastly a simple Autocannon team... hey he's an Elf!


  1. Excellent dagger and nose on the Al'Rahem conversion. I'm looking forward to seeing him painted. The axe is lovely as well, and one I've used with my pact.

    Nice conversion of the cold one, what did you use for his front feet? I thought about using the kroot guns, but they seem too big so I'm going with dark eldar splinter weapons instead. Are you going to cover the saddle at all?

    The stalk tank is coming along nicely and I like the elf head on the pacter. I'm curious about the autocannon tripod, what's the thought behind turning it sideways?

    Great stuff as usual, keep it up!

  2. hey Rabid, glad you like the work, the saddle has started to be covered, genestealer claws for the front feet, repostioning the back to lower them, Dark Eldar guns might be better i'll have to have a think

    the autocannon tripod sideways just looks a bit different as if he is tracking his enemy and his loader is pointing out another wave to be mown down ha!

    have lots to build and paint... gonna take awhile!